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Orange Sun Wheels (Dehydrated)

Oh the scents of Yule! Orange is one of my favorites. And it can look awesome as an ornament on your tree or hanging on the trees in your yard.

Dehydrated fruit (lemons, oranges, apples) are a wonderful way to display nature at Yule.

You will need:

One or more oranges (apples, lemons)

a knife

an embroidery needle

twine or ribbon


an oven or dehydrator

Slice the fruit very thin. Lemons and oranges are very moist and will take a while to dry. Lay the fruit on the dehydrator tray and set to low. Leave on overnight.

You can also use an oven. Place the fruit on a baking sheet and cook them at 200 degrees for a couple of hours or until they are dry. Keep an eye on them so they don't burn however.

Once your fruit is dried, poke a hole through the top with the embroidery needle and string your twine through the hole.

(If you are going to hang them outside, use twine (jute) instead of ribbons. )

Enjoy the natural aroma and amazing look to your Yule decor!


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