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Homemade Simmering Yule Potpourri

Yule memories are always associated with the smells of the season. And a Yule potpourri is a great way to ensure that your home smells amazing!

This recipe is for a simmering potpourri.

You will need:

An orange (or orange peels. I generally just throw in a small orange whole)

Cinnamon (I like sticks, but you can use powder)


Bay leaves

Dried apples



You can also add cranberries, lemons, apples, star anise or whatever scent that you love.

Blend the quantities of ingredients based on what you like.

(You can use this as a dried potpourri, but you have to dehydrate the fruits and fresh herbs. See my blog on dehydrated orange slices.)

Put all the ingredients in a small saucepan and cover with water. Set it on your stove on the lowest setting. Within minutes, you'll be enjoying the aroma produced by this simmering goodness.

And the magickal goodness!!

Orange is for love, divination, luck, and manifestation

Cinnamon aids with psychic abilities, love, healing, and protection

Cloves are for protection and good luck

Bay aids in manifestation, cleansing your home of negative energies, wishes, and healing

Apples are for love and healing

Peppermint aids with good feelings, psychic energy, sleep, and dreams

Nutmeg is great for psychic abilities, luck, and healing

As your create your potpourri, also pour in the energy to amplify what these wonderful aromas do naturally. Make your Yule wish and let the scent carry that energy into the universe!

Oh, I almost forgot, you can reuse this after the water simmers down by adding more water about 2-3 times before throwing it out and needing to start again. Don't let this simmer overnight because it the water evaporates, you'll have a bit of a mess on your hands unfortunately.

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