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DIY Scented Pine Cones

I have to start with a confession. I'm allergic to anything pine. So when it comes to putting up my Yule tree and decorations, I cannot use live pine. And it's such a shame, because I adore the smell of fresh pine.

Even if you don't use an artificial tree like I have to, you can still have a tree or centerpiece that smells delicious!

This trick is so amazingly easy to do that you'll wonder why you haven't been doing this for years!

You will need

Pine cones

Essential or fragrance oils (essential oil aromas last longer but are more pricey)


Gloves (because some oils can burn the skin)

Dropper / pipette

What aromas you like is up to you.







or make a blend that your nose will love.

It's better to get your pinecones and let them "cure" until the following season. This ensure they are bug free and completely dried.

But if you don't have a stash of pine cones sitting in your cupboard, you can dry them in the oven (or buy them from the store - but what's the fun in that?)

Preheat the oven to 300 deg. F and lay the cones on a cookie sheet (I use waxed paper or aluminum foil on the cookie sheet).

Put the pine cones in the oven for about 30-45 minutes. The cones should not flex a lot, otherwise they are still too damp. Set them back in the oven and check them every 10 minutes.

Let them cool then transfer them to the newspaper.

Put your gloves on!

Use the dropper and put a few drops of essential in between the "leaves" of the pine cone. Let them sit overnight to fully absorb the oils. If the cones do not smell as strong as you want them to, add a few more drops of oil.

This usually lasts about 2 weeks and all you need to do to spice them up again is to add a few drops of oil and let it absorb.

You can use ribbon or jute and tie them to your tree, put them in a bowl, make a garland - let your imagination go wild!

Option: After you dry the pine cones, you can also paint the tips or use glue and glitter to really spice up the look.

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