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How To - Crystal Grid

Crystals can be used individual, in sets, or in a Crystal Grid. A crystal grid is an arrangement of stones for a specific purpose. Usually stones are placed on a sheet with a geometric pattern, but any "grid" of stones will work. I recommend the geometric patters because they also have a vibration of their own.

The grid focuses the Divine Energy or Universal Life Force in a particular way depending on your intention.

Crystal grids are powerful and can be very effective to manifest your desires, magick, and goals. When you set up your crystal grid, you connect the stones to each other and to the sacred geometric pattern which enhances the entire field of energy.

Step 1 - What do you want?

This has to be specific as with all magick. whether you desire health, prosperity, increasing your creativity, or increase your psychic abilities or anything else that you need to draw into your life - just be specific.

Step 2 - Choose the stones that work with the energy of your intention. If you are knowledgeable about stones, you will know what stones you need. If you are just learning, you can research the stones, or go by the colors of the stones.

Red can aid in banishing anger, dispel fear

Pink - love, romance, attraction, self-love, peace, happiness, friendship, joy, and laughter

Orange - protection, illumination, persona power, increase self-esteem, luck for positive outcomes

Yellow - communication, intelligence, creativity, eloquence, protection, visualization, money (citrine)

Green - healing, prosperity fertility, luck, grounding, and balance

Blues - relaxation, sleep, soothes emotions, healing, purification, aids with psychic abilities

Purple - spirituality, meditations, psychic work, and connection with higher self

White - sleep, luck, purity, and protection after dark

Black - protective, grounding, removing hexes

Multi-colored - can be used based on the colors within the stone, such as bloodstone which is green and red. Labradorite, which is a very wonderful multi-colored stone, can be used or calming or dispelling chaos.

Clear (usually quartz) can be used for anything

Step 3 - Clear your stones. There's many methods you can use to clear your stones and charge them. I've listed a few below.

Put salt in a glass dish, set another glass dish on top of the salt and place your stones inside the top dish (to protect them from the salt scratching them)

Sage the stones

Set them under the full moon overnight

Step 4 - Program your stones for the intended purpose. Just hold the stone in your hands and connect with Divine Love. Set your intention and focus. The stone will do the rest.

Step 5 - Setting up your Grid

A - The Focus Stone

The center stone/crystal that focuses and amplifies the Universal energy into the grid.

B - The Way Stones

The stones that surround the focus stone. The grid (the one pictures is the flower of life) is the "Path". The Focus Stone sends energy along the lines of the grid you are using into the Way Stones. The Way Stones increase the energy of the grid, then transfer the energy into the outer ring of stones, called the Desire Stones.

C - The Desire Stones

The outer stones in your grid. They are the main desire or outcome you intend. The Desire Stones take the energy from the Focus and Ways Stones and shape the energy into your desire.

The grid above is for "Stress Reduction". The Focus stone is a quartz crystal point. The Way Stones are Chalcedony for peace and Apache Tear which is an amazing stone for stress. The Desire Stones are Tree Agate which are grounding, calming and aids in ridding stress and anxiety.

Step 6 - Activate your grid

A - Draw the path from the Focus Stone to the Way Stones to the Desire Stones. For the Flower of Life grid, I draw lines from the Focus Stone along the curve, through the Way Stone to the Desire Stone.

B - Hold your hands over the grid. Although you have already programmed the stones, and through placing them on your grid and tracing the Path, one last "intention" set and you are good to go.

If you are intersted in learning more aobut crystal gridding, contact us. We teach Crystal Gridding classes!

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