Something smacked the house. The same night, my husband saw a Squatch in the driveway. Well over 8 feet tall.

In April, we went to check our game cams that we had put up on the advice of experts. We go a lot of strange photos AND the game cam had been turned upside down (which was not easy to do). 

During this same time, the game cam that was up the hill from us (the hillside is aout a 30-50% grade - pretty straight up and down) caught a photos of a head and shoulder. 

A couple weeks later, we caught this photo.

So the experts all had told me that these creatures usually shy away from game cams. Apparently our boogers didn't get the memo.

End of May photo (original photo, then enlarged to show detail)

That same night the game cam caught these photos.

June 2020 - Game cam was turned upside down (again). We at this time had switched to video and caught the camera being shaken. We do concede this could have been a raccoon, but it's interesting it happened the same day as the other photo, it would have to be a raccoon of mass proportion and we put up a 2nd game cam to watch the first game cam and we've gotten NOTHING since. 



7/19 to 7/23/20




Several friends, my husband, and I went camping in the Daniel Boone National Forest. We arrived at camp with no incidents. There were 10 of us camping together.


The only thing that happened the first day was a branch that hit our cooler between me and another person, barely missing me. Not sure if it fell from the tree or was thrown. There was no wind at the time.




We had a few weird noises throughout the day, but nothing that could not be explained away. But during the evening, around 9pm, James went to the shower house. On his way back he heard something bipedal paralleling him in the tree line along the path.


Addendum: After sharing this with the folks who had to leave camp early, two reported they had heard noises, walking, and breathing near the shower house which creeped them out.




Through the day and evening, we hard tree knocks, whistles, and rustling multiple times. These sounds were a little more distinct, but distant. Some of our friends left that night, two of them were children, which left 5 people in our camp, 3 tents.


That night, around midnight 1 am, everything heard things outside their tents. My friend Jean heard scratching on her tent, but looked out and saw a raccoon nearby and decided (or at least convinced herself) it was the racoon. However, on the morning of the 23rd, when we got up, one of her tent stakes had been pulled up. Now this particular campground has very hard packed dirt. It takes a hammer to get the stakes in the ground and claw hammer or a lot of strength to pull the stakes up. My husband can pull them up, but the ladies have difficulties without the hammer.


Another friend heard something breathing very heavy outside her tent. Shouted for it to leave and had her gun out because it concerned her.




We heard sounds again starting pretty early the morning, maybe around 10am of the 22nd. I whooped a couple of times. The ones still in camp are huge cryptid enthusiasts and we were joking but also hopeful to get some responses. We did not get a response, at least we thought, to my whoops.


Around lunchtime, a stick about 3 ½ feet and about 6-7” around crashed into the trash cans in our campsite. We thought it fell out of the tree. However, on the 23rd, as we were packing up, I was looking at the branch and the bark and the lichen on the wood did not match the tree from which it would have fallen had it just fallen out of the tree. I did not say anything to the others at the time.


Approximately 3:30, one friend, saw what appeared to be a juvenile Squatch running from the lake area up toward the shower house. The sighting lasted only a few seconds.


Approximately 5pm, the same friend felt something watching from the woods. Jean had previously been hit with infrasound on last year’s camping trip and seems very sensitive to Squatch energy. I aimed the binoculars in the area to which she pointed and saw a bulge on a tree. I panned back and forth and when I returned to the tree; the bulge was gone. I panned to my left about 10 feet or so and there was a tree with what looked like a lichen type growth on the tree. Then it blinked. I grabbed my phone and tried to take photos, but my zoom was not powerful enough. When I pulled the binoculars back up, the “face” was gone. I panned back and forth again. Another 10-15 feet to my left of the eye blink, there was a furry Squatch crouched behind a bush. It was dark furred, but its face was light. I could not tell the size. I was approximately 50-75 yards from where the Squatch was.


I walked around the tent area and went into the woods a little bit looking for any tracks of note. But we had a horrible thunderstorm the night before and there was so much leaf litter on the ground, I could not tell if there were any tracks or not. Nothing stuck out at me. But I’m also deathly afraid of snakes, and the Daniel Boone is known for copperheads and rattlesnakes, so my foray into the woods was very short.


Around 9pm that evening, we heard louder noises than we had heard in the woods before that and very close to our campsite. We had some powerful flashlights with us. After my encounters over the past year, I got the most powerful one I could get that was legal to own. Then a tree crashed near the backside of our camp. Using the flashlights, we panned the area. I had my binoculars, but they unfortunately kept fogging up and I could not see anything with them. However, we saw some movement. The flashlights revealed two sets of eye shine as well. The color was somewhere between gold and amber. There was more rustling but not quite a walking sound. Then near Jean’s tent, we saw something crouching just behind Jean’s tent which was the one furthest back in the tree line. She shared a tent with the other two ladies that night by the way.


Right afterward, the noises settled down and we could not hear anything at all. Then my dog, (mastiff/great dane mix), went on point, sniffing the air frantically. He walked into our tent, sat down, whimpered, and laid down looking at us. He acted like he didn’t feel well the rest of the evening to the point we were worried about him. We shined our lights again and the eyeshine was in another area of the woods. Then it was just gone. my friend could feel pressure on her back. When she turned around, she could feel it on her chest but no longer on her back. She stated it was not as intense as our camping trip the previous year.


Another odd phenomena which I have seen before on a few occasions but never in conjunction with a Squatch, was we saw lights in the woods. Tiny blinking lights like lightening bugs, but they were pinkish and blue, which are not lightening bug colors obviously. There were also these weird orange lights way back in the trees. There is a road back there, but these lights were not seen on any other night but that night. They were not reflections off anything, they had their own luminescence. There were 3 columns of lights. One was partially hidden behind the trees, so I cannot quite describe it. But the left and right columns had multiple dots of lights at the top, then the middle and bottom were more solid.


Then everything again just stopped. No more sounds or eyeshine. Nothing.


Another odd thing that I noted, was that each time we experienced activity, it was as a storm was rolling in. This could be a coincidence as it was very hot and summer storms are quite normal this time a year. However, the timing of the activity / experience and the storm were just odd.


Given the juvenile sighting, and the sightings of at least 2 other squatches we thought it may be a family unit.




As we were gathered enjoying our final morning, I was facing the path to the lake. I saw something dark and furry run down the path. There was no sound. It was very quick, so my estimate that it may have been about 6 ft tall is really just an estimate. But it did not look very big. But it was very fast.

July 2020

We have  motion sensor lights around our property now. One of them, on the back of the house, is about 10 feet off the ground. We found it turned completely around backwards (and again sideways) on occassion.



James was outside doing yardwork. He stopped for a moment and heard a tree break up on the hill (mid-afternoon). Around 10:30 pm, Bjorn started barking at the living room window. James shined a flashlight out the window and saw a Squatch face briefly (would have had to have been around 8-9 ft tall). After midnight, there was a “pecking” on the back of the house (did not investigate). About 1:15am, something hit the air conditioner on the back of the house. It scared the cats who ran and hid (Back lights did not come on. They are angled up the hill behind the house and do not shine on the house.)  1:57 am, something hit the ac again. 2:06 am, something hit the bedroom side of the house.




James was taking the trash to the curb. Saw a large, dark, furry creature just inside the tree line. Said it felt very creepy outside.


8/10/20 – ROOF O HOUSE


Approximately, 1am, heard something on the roof of the house for approximately 30-45 seconds.




We went fishing. Saw something dark / furry / hairy watching us a couple of times.


James was out back cutting weeds. He looked up the hill and there was a grey Squatch about 15 feet away from him. He could only see from the chest up. Grey, short hair. Not one we’ve seen around here before. He came and got me, but by the time we got back to the back yard, it was gone. We could hear bi-pedal walking up the hill behind the house. About 30 minutes later, James took the garbage down to the road. Saw the Squatch again standing about 30 yards away. It paralleled him down the driveway, then James lost sight of him.


We had to run to the store about 8pm (after dark). Upon our return (about 8:30pm), we heard a whoop.

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