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Psychic medium services - photo of tarot cards

Psychic Medium Reading

​A psychic reading is a way to help you understand the energies surrounding your life at a given moment in time. Readings can consist of things from your past, present and future. However, the future is always changing with each decision you make. So what may be true for your future today can change based on your decisions in the present moment.We mainly use Tarot as our tool for our psychic readings, but our readings are more intuitive and the Tarot merely an aid to get the conversation started. 


Our psychic is also a medium, and when spirits are willing, will relay communications from the otherside.


We are very careful when working with spirits and will work to obtain something that truly validates to whom we are speaking and make no automatic assumptions that we have the right spirit. We NEVER just tell you something to make you feel like you have made contact. It's either a real communication or we will tell you that we are not getting any information. We do not do seances or work with Ouija boards.Our psychic has over 30 years of experience with spirit communication and helping others. 

1/2 Hour Session - Call for booking availabilities and pricing. 

Past life readings - photo of old photos

Past Life Reading

​Past life recall is one of the most interesting areas of unexplained human phenomena. Many people believe it can lead to a great understanding of their current lives. 

Our staff can provide you with leads to further delve into your past lives and how to use dream recall and other triggers to help you find out "who you were".  A reading is a meeting with our psychic who can see past lives if the spirits will allow her.  

1/2 Hour Session - Call for booking availabilities and pricing. 

Psychic group galleries - photo of tarot cards

Psychic Gallery Reading Party

Be unique and have a psychic party! Call your friends and book a psychic gallery reading at Avalon (or at your location)! A great night of fun, laughter and spiritual readings. Parties available days or evenings.


Minimum: 4 people   Maximum 12 peopleOne spread reading(generally 15 minutes per person)


Fun with animal totems


Mediumship connections when spirits are willing


Q&A at the end of the party to clarify readings or any follow up questions


Rescheduling & Refunds If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please call us at your earliest  convenience. Please understand that we have planned and advertised on our web pages that the shop will be closed for your booking. We will be happy to reschedule your party. However, if the party is cancelled, the deposit is forfeit. If for any reason we have to cancel, the deposit will be refunded. 

Call for booking availabilities and pricing. 

Past Life regressions - photo of pyramids

Past Life Regression Session

While a Past Life Reading is a great way to discover your past lives, there's nothing better than seeing them for yourself.


Our regressionist will aid you in travel into your past lives and experiencing your memories.

2 hour session (additional fees for longer session)

Call for booking availabilities and pricing.

Akashic Records readings - photo of library

Akashic Record Reading

​Akashic is Sanskrit for “primary substance”. They have been referred to by different names such as” “The Book of Life”, the cosmic mind, the universal mind, the collective unconscious, the collective subconscious, and the soul records. It is the past, present and future knowledge of all things. It is the universal filing system which records all thoughts, words and actions. It is the repository of all human experience; a record of all events. An Akashic reading is for those seeking the truth of who they are, who they have been in the past, understanding the impact of your past lives, your future, to receive guidance on how to work through present patterns, challenges and issues, and to understand your soul’s purpose. 

We also provide classes on how to read the Akashic Records.

1/2 Hour Session - Call for booking availabilities and pricing. 

Animal totem readings - photo of wolves and moon

Animal Totem Reading

​According to Native American legends, all humans are brothers and sisters to every other living being on the Earth. This includes animals. We also have been endowed certain qualities of these animals by the Divine Creator. This is called our Spiritual Totem. In your Spirit Totem reading, you will learn your three primary totems and how they impact your personality, your decisions and your emotional state. 


Couples have had consultation to better understand how their totems impact their personal relationship dynamic and how to deal with each other’s specific animal traits to better understand and accommodate their partners.

$25 for your 3 main totems

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