On our first investigation, prior to going, we had a visitation at our home. We were awakened by a man standing beside the bed.  The man had face tattoos which (at the time) I thought were tears.  The man stating he was “waiting for us” and that he was “going to f*** with us”.  At the prison, we discovered a prisoner list with attached pictures.  One picture looked like the man I saw.  However, I can find no information on him and whether he is alive or dead at this time.  The name is Timothy Lockhart.

Personal experiences:

Cafeteria door opened by itself. Unfortunately we did not capture this on video. 

On our 2nd investigation, we were touring one of the blocks with several other investigators. Three of the investigators went on and

the main group was lagging. The riot cage door shut in front of two of the investigators scaring the holy crap out of them. 

Another investigator captured this photo. 


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