Something “smacked” the side of the house. No other incident occurred. However, this may not have been our Squatch. My husband had been taking out the garbage the prior week (I can’t remember the exact date.) He saw a dogman squatting on the edge of our property staring at him. No incident occurred, however, and he quickly returned to the house.

This is not the first dogman sighting in our area. My husband’s ex-girlfriend and he were driving home one evening about 17 years ago, and two dogmen chased them in their car. It was a one lane road, and curvy, so they could not drive very fast, so maybe 30 mph? But the dogmen were pacing them. My husband described them with amber/red eyes, large, and black running on all fours.


On another occasion, in about 2017, we were on our way home around between 1 and 2am and I saw a greyish dogman in about the same area as the aforementioned incident.


We have heard howls that were deeper, louder, and longer than the neighborhood dogs. And while we will both tell you that it could be our imagination, the “feeling” of the howls were different.



Another dogman sighting occurred in Georgetown, KY in 2009. My husband was going to work and had to leave the house around 6am. It was still dark at the time (December or January?). The dogman was standing in front of his car. It was not threatening (or at least did not act aggressive). My husband and the dogman stared at each other for a few moments (a minute possibly) and then my husband got into his car and left for work. No other incident occurred after that. The area in which we lived was a suburb with several houses on Elkhorn Creek.

March 2020

There was a weird feel in the air that night. Dog had to go out and was acting quite nervous. Dogs across the creek were baying something but it was not hunting season. Then we heard a "roar" and multiple shots (large caliber gun). The roar was deep and you could feel it. For some reason that night, I took our recorder out with us and you can hear the howl. However, it is difficult to hear over the barking dogs and us talking at the time, so not worth posting. 



About 2pm, dogman sighting. About 15-25 yards up from the driveway. James saw a grey dogman. He said its head was about 2-3 foot across. It was in a crouched position just watching us, then ran off to its right. As we were backing out of the driveway, I saw a grey “blur” run past in the tree line about 10 yards up from the drive. Bjorn was staring intently with a low growl, but did not bark, just very wary. He stated it looked like a “timber wolf”. It did threaten to eat our dog.



Bjorn had to go out. There were noises down by the road. Bjorn went “off” barking, snarling, growling (not normal behavior for him). Used the infrared viewer/recorder. Caught a dogman looking at us on camera.

Found this track in our driveway (not our dog). A friend sent this to another friend of his who studies wildlife and tracks. Said the animal that made this would have to have been at least 200 lb. Track was "wolf". We don't have wolves here. 

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