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Not a substitute of professional medical advice or treatment.

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Reiki attunement - photo of reiki practioner

Reiki Attunement

​Get a quick Reiki attunement that aligns and clears your chakras. This is a "tune up" and not a full session.

We also have Reiki Mastership classes available in a variety of Reiki styles.

10 Minute Session - Call for booking availabilities and pricing. 

Animal Reiki - photo of cat

Animal Companion Reiki Session

​Our fur babies are important to us and is their health and well being. Through the use of Reiki, animals can release negative energy so they can heal both physically and emotionally. Animals experience emotions as well as be affected by our emotions and illness. 

Aid your loving companion today!

1/2 Hour Session - Call for booking availabilities and pricing. 

Shamanic drumming session - photo of shaman drum

Shamanic Drumming Healing Session

The sound of the drum resonates through your body driving out negativity and bringing emotional and spiritual healing. The body vibrates in response, shedding the things that are no longer spiritually beneficial to us. Studies conducted demonstrate that drumming is a valuable treatment for stress, fatigue, anxiety, hypertension, headaches, asthma, chronic pain, arthritis, sleep and emotional disorders. It is also a wonderful meditative experience and has included past life recall and connection with the Divine.

1/2 Hour Session - Call for booking availabilities and pricing. 

energy sessions - photo of practitioner

Reiki Energy  Session

​Reiki is the use of light energy to clear your chakra. While it in itself does not "heal", it does aid in aligning the Qi (life force) in the body so that your body can heal itself. Using Reiki our staff balances and clears chakras, smooths energy patterns and helps you learn how to better allow your life force (Qi) energy to flow. This method treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit. We also teach you how to expel negative energy from yourself and pull positive energy into your spirit. 

We offer classes on Reiki Mastership, Dragon Reiki, Angelic Reiki, and Galdr Reiki (our own special style).

1/2 Hour Session - Call for booking availabilities and pricing. 

Kolaimni energy session - photo of face in purple swirl

Kolaimni Energy Session

Kolaimni is a method of healing energy that works with the meridians and energy pathways of the body allowing for proper flow of Qi (life force) energy and aiding you in releasing negativity from your life. 

1/2 Hour Session - Call for booking availabilities and pricing. 

Hypnosis - photo of swinging watch


Through the help of hypnosis, you can retrain your brain to release old habits that are having a negative affect on your life. 

1 hour session

Packages available

Call for booking availabilities and pricing. 

Qi Gong energy session - photo of practitioner

Qi Gong Energy Session

Qi Gong works similar to Reiki and Kolaimni but works on the energy flow through the body. By releasing negative Qi, your body, mind, and spirit can be healthier and happier.

1/2 Hour Session - Call for booking availabilities and pricing. 

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