Yes We Have a Sasquatch on our Property - 2019 and ongoing

My husband has lived on the property all his life. He is a hunter and avid outdoorsman and knows the land very well, as well as the animals that live there.

We have had several strange occurrences during the past two years. While we have not had a visual incident, the following have been occurring.

Our dogs in our kennel bark non-stop all night, every night about the same time (I mean they go nuts). Yes, it may be deer they are barking at. However, on one occasion, one dog kennel (chain link fencing) was smashed in as if a bear or other large creature had tried to get at the dogs. We have had bear sightings in the past two years. However, that bear was shot and killed by a local farmer prior to this incident. No other bear activity since that time to our knowledge.

We, as well as our closest neighbors, have heard whoops and other odd noises including grunts, growls, and tree knocks. When we arrive home, most times there is a single tree knock as we are getting out of the vehicle. Saying "hello" maybe (lol)? 

We have heard what sounds like two men having a muffled conversation behind our home a few times.

Often, after dark specifically, there is an occasional wet dog/skunky smell in the air and noises in the surrounding woods.


Our motion sensor lights trip almost nightly.

When my husband was a teenager (1990s), he was out running the woods as he often did. He saw a hairy creature squatting on a rock looking over a creek area near several deer trails. His sighting lasted approximately 30 seconds. The creature seemed to pay no attention to him.


Why we know it's a squatch...

Squatch Sighting #1

I was burning some brush outside around 8:00 pm. The dogs started barking (going nuts). There was a noise like a deer being jumped and running through the brush in the woods behind our next door neighbor's house. The squatch came from behind the house, and in a few strides, crossed the yard at a run; crossed the road and jumped down into the creek. There is a dust to dawn light, so the yard was illuminated.

My husband came out of the house about that time, but did not hear anything. I told him to get his gun, which he did.

The creature (squatch) was bipedal and moved too fast to be a bear. But the thought of “what if it was a dogman instead” prompted me to request he get a firearm. Nothing further occurred. (Note: although I did not feel threatened, it just seemed like the intelligent thing to do in case it wasn’t a squatch I saw. Sighting lasted about 20-30 seconds.


Squatch sighting #2

My husband had to retrieve something from our vehicle and when he stepped onto the porch, his light reflected eyeshine of a 7-8' creature standing in the driveway. 


We came home one day and could hear a bipedal walk in the woods behind the house. We heard a grunt noise and felt like we were being watched. Lawn chairs in our yard were  overturned, which we did not do. Neighbors told us that they have noticed over the past week, lawn chairs being overturned in their yard and watering cans (a few times) were thrown over into their flowers. They had been hearing more tree knocks over the past few days of this occurrence. 


Our neighbors have also had someone / something rattling their door handle at night. 


We have had large tree branches thrown across our driveway at times when there have been no wind storms or other weather reltaed things that would have broken a branch. My husband got out to clear the branch. It was too big to just drag out, so he had to break it up to clear it. However, when he broke the first branch portion, he clearly heard a vocalized "ack" sound. With the second branch portion he had to break, he heard another grunt noise. He got back in the car and we came up the driveway and parked. When we got out, we could hear something bipedal walking around. At first, I thought one of our outdoor cats was in the brush hunting, but both our outdoor cats were on the other side of the car. We didn't see anything, no eye shine, but heard a lot of walking. I called out (probably stupidly) and the walking stopped. I know that human voice usually will stop most larger animals in the woods (never experienced it bothering squirrels or birds). Then another, definite, bipedal step. We went to the porch pretty quickly after that. On the porch, I was hit with a wave of dizziness and literally almost passed out. It was overwhelming. No fear or anything, but uncomfortable like something was coming (I know you understand that feeling). We got inside and it took a good 5 minutes to feel "normal" again with the dizziness. I was reading up on infrasound and wasn't sure if my experience was in that category. 


A few days later, I was leaving the house around 2p (sunny, clear), saw dark brown furry head, single eye, peek from behind a tree twice looking at us. No noise or smell.


That same week, we discovered a tree that had been uprooted laying on our house. No damage to the house like it had been “gently” placed there.


Squatch sighting #3 (different Squatch)

It was about a month before the activity kicked up again. This was not the same squatch I had seen however. My husband saw what appeared to be a 9-10’ tall “creature” in our driveway around 11:30pm. We had to run to the store and I was in the car waiting for him. As he came down the driveway, he shined his flashlight past the car and saw the “creature”. Nothing occurred other than a 5-10 second sighting. He described the creature as “ape-like” with grey hair.


It was discovered that a lot of downed and uprooted and broken trees on the hill behind there house. 


Walking the dog one night, he began shaking. I heard a "whoop" and he started barking and pulling against his lead trying to drag me back into the house. 

Our neighbors have a mountain cur. They are bred to hunt and take on bears. However, their cur will not go outside and shakes when they try to take him out and tries to get back inside the door. 


That same week, I was leaving to go to the store. Looked up the hill from our driveway and saw movement. It was something dark. Saw what appeared to be a “blink”. Then just black and no more movement. When I came back, the same spot I was looking at before was just green.


Squatch Sighting #4 (another new squatch)

Was traveling home about 3:00 pm. Saw a large, rust-colored creature standing in a field. It’s cone-shaped head was above the weeds which are about 6 ½ to 7 foot high. We turned the car around to get another look, but it was gone.


Our neighbors have been hearing several trees (large) coming down on the hill, as well as thrashing in the brush which was louder than what a deer would make. And given that it’s not rut, it would be unusual for a deer to be thrashing to that extent. Something has been coming down to the dog lot and fighting the dogs through the fence. They are still hearing tree knocks and other strange vocalizations in the woods directly behind their house.


Squatch sighting #5

Arrived home around midnight. James saw a face about 25 yards away. Reddish/brown hair. Later, around 3:40 am, I was having an insomnia night and heard a very odd scream. Uncertain as to what it was.


Things quieted down again for about a month, then around 3pm one day, was out in the driveway working on my truck. Hear bipedal walking in the woods near me. Then rocks were thrown, one landing in front of my truck. Heard what I thought was a slight whoop sound.


Squatch sighting #6


James saw a very large silver squatch in the driveway. We were grilling out that evening. Our porch is about 8 feet off the ground. The squatch was looking over the floor of the porch into the doorway. No further incident.

6-21-19 -2nd print in line with 1st prin
6-21-19 how tall was it 2 - Copy.jpg

Squatch Experience at KY State Park - 2019

We went camping with a group of friends.  On the first night, we heard several “hoots” about 4am.


About 5:00 am, one of the guys camping with us, went to take care of the “call to nature” and saw a tall silhouette standing behind the tree line across a dirt road from him (the next campsite over from ours). At first, he doubted what he saw. Then, there was movement in his peripheral. He looked to his left, and a “tree limb sized something” moved down and then did not move again. He thought it could have been an arm, but is not completely sure. When he looked back to the tree line, the large silhouette had moved a little more behind a tree and was less visible. He did not have a light with him, so no sight of eye shine or any features. He did not stick around to find out exactly what it was.


(pictures of the following day with him pointing up to approximate where the top of the silhouette’s head was). He was not able to determine the size of who was attached to the “tree limb arm”.










On Friday, a couple of the ladies had been out exploring and found a lightning struck tree. They asked everyone to come see the tree. A few of us were interested to see if there were any tracks from our friend’s experience the night before.


There were several prints that could be interpreted to be squatch prints (at least 6), including two prints that looked like a “baby squatch”.  There were also some rocks stacked in a pile, but that also could have been kids playing or something entirely mundane.

















On up the path, we came to a huge deer path. There was a very tall tree, probably 16-18 inches around that was broken over. What was

really odd was that the tree was twisted at its break point.

Friends went on up the path, and said there was another, almost identical one up the hill “a ways”.

Our dog did not like the camp area across the dirt road from us. He did not like the smells either. His nose was to the ground almost the entire time. I started up a small deer path and he fended me off the path and pulled against his leash until I complied, whining and growling the entire time.


Later that day, we were playing cornhole, where you throw the beanbags through the holes in a board across from you about 10 feet away or so, similar to horseshoes. One of the ladies all of a sudden just started staring, like she was having a seizure, or in a trance. She shook her head and told us that a very low, loud voice was “screaming” in her head. She said that’s the best way she could describe it was screaming. She had been playing very well (she’s a bit of a ringer in the game). Now she couldn’t hardly hit the board. After about 15 minutes, it stopped, at least stopped then.


With our Native American ancestry, we like to make tobacco offerings when we are in the woods. On Saturday evening, my husband left our camp and crossed the dirt road to the other campsite. Our dog started whining and barking like mad. He was very upset that my husband was “over there”. My husband had gotten up and gone to our truck, walked over to the other campsite during the day, and nothing out of our dog. But as the sun was starting to go down, my husband being over in the other campsite really upset our dog.


At the same time, the lady who had the episode while playing cornhole, started feeling pressure in the back of her head. She thought she was just getting a migraine, but then the “screaming” started again. She did not know my husband had gone to do a tobacco offering until he came back into camp.


My husband returned and had been back at camp for maybe 20 minutes, when the lady felt the pressure on the left side of her head. Then we heard a HUGE tree crash in the woods on the hill above that other campsite – on the left. In our camp, there were several individuals who all heard it.


Later that evening, after dark, we heard a lot of tree knocking and a few weird vocalizations, but the worst thing was we all felt something watching. We all are logical, intelligent adults and also know that we could have been just spooking ourselves based on the weird events of the day.


The following day, we all again went over to the other campsite once the sun was up. We located three other squatch prints. One large one with a smaller one exactly in the same spot like the juvenile was walking in his parent’s footstep to avoid leaving tracks. And a tiny one again, the same size as the baby print. No one had their camera with them this day, so no photograph of this unfortunately. I wish we had gotten a picture. The two that we over top of each other – the larger one was not as well defined as the smaller one inside of it, but it definitely looked like prints. The “baby” print was very well defined with 5 toes and a narrow heel.


There were sounds like small rocks being thrown. There are hickory trees on the hillside, but with this time of the year, the nuts are not mature and not dropping from the trees (normally) this time of year. We did not see anything, however, just the sounds.  


After we got home, my husband told me his account of what had happened when he had our puppy out walking in the other campground. He was walking the dog along a short path that heads out of the “other” campsite. The dog was sniffing the ground, as he always did, even though his “business” had already been taken care of, but then he said the dog yelped and jumped upon the air (all four legs at once) and backwards into him almost knocking him over. Again, it’s a 75 lb puppy and solid muscle. He said it was like the dog had been hit or shocked. There was nothing on the path that my husband could see that he stepped on. The dog had no injuries to be seen. But my husband said he was shaking and whining. He immediately brought the dog back to our campsite.

Sasquatch #2 (Can they track you?)


So, with all that being said, this other, what we believe was a sasquatch, was definitely not a nice one. Or at least behaved in a much more threatening posture than the one that we believe lives on or near our property.


About a week after our camping trip, my husband saw what appeared to be a 9-10’ tall “creature” in our driveway around 11:30pm. Nothing occurred other than a 5-10 second sighting. He described the creature as “ape-like” with grey hair.


The next night, – I took our dog out to do his doggy business around 8:00 am. He pottied, then when I was directing him back to the house, he stopped and seemed to be shaking. He pulled me back out into the yard. He then put his nose on the ground and started almost dragging me around the yard and across to my in-laws. My in-law’s dogs started barking. There was a loud, long whoop that was going on – almost “braying” with the dogs barking. None of my in-law’s dogs bray or howl. My dog reacted to the “whoop” sound, turned back toward our house and again started dragging me, insistent on getting me back inside the house. When I relayed this to my husband, he stated he had heard the same “whooping/braying” sound the night before after his sighting.


My husband was speaking with our neighbors about noises and our dog being really nervous outside. They have a 3-4 y/o Mountain Cur. These dogs are bred to fight bear. Their cur has started urinating inside the house and will not go outside to urinate. As soon as they get her outside, she begins shaking and trying to get back in the house. This has since settled down and she has been fine going outside with no incident.


The following week, I had another sighting. I was headed to the store again. I looked up the hill from our driveway and saw movement. It was something dark. Saw what appeared to be a “blink”. Then just black and no more movement. When I came back, the same spot I was looking at before was just green. I couldn’t make out much detail at the time except for the blink.


Sasquatch #3


A couple of weeks later, we were traveling home about 3:00 pm. I saw a large, rust-colored creature standing in a field. It’s cone-shaped head was above the weeds which are about 6 ½ to 7 foot high. We turned the car around to get another look, but it was gone. This area is direction over the hill from our house. Where the fur was bright rust, it definitely was not the other two sasquatch’s we had previously seen.




First part of August, we arrived home around midnight. We had put up a lot more motion lights around the house and now carried flashlights and headlamps, something we never felt like we needed before all this started happening. We’re always armed, that’s nothing new.  My husband saw a face with what he described as reddish/brown hair about 20-25 yards away from where we were. It was only for a few seconds, but we decided to believe it as “Red” as we call the rust colored one.


I deal with a lot of insomnia due to my medical condition, so I was up most of that night. During the night, I’m not sure what time, I heard a really odd scream. It sounded like a woman, not a bobcat or a fox, both of which I’ve heard in our surrounding woods.


At the end of August, I was working on my truck in the driveway replacing a part. It was around 3pm in the afternoon. I heard the usually bi-pedal footsteps in the woods. I looked around, but didn’t see anything. Then the rocks started. I heard one hit the roof of my truck. Then saw one land in front of my car. I would call them rocks, but from the stories I’ve listened to, these were just pebbles. I looked up the hill and heard a “whoop” sound. Then everything stopped and I finished fixing my truck.


Sasquatch #4


The next night, my husband saw a silver haired sasquatch in our driveway. He told me it did not look like the other one had had previously seen.


We were grilling out and our porch sits about 8 feet off the ground. My husband was sitting inside to where he could see out the door to the grill to keep an eye on it. He saw that same sasquatch looking over the floor of the porch. He made eye contact with it and it took off. No tracks were seen and no further incidents occurred.




From the end of September through October, we heard tree breaks and rocks or something hitting our outbuilding and an old abandoned house that sits on our property.


On the 19th of October, we were driving to my husband’s shop at about noon. I looked up on the hill and saw something tall standing still. It was bi-pedal, because when I looked back up the hill, the creature was running along the hill parallel with our truck. I just sped up and didn’t look back.


I told my husband what I had seen and he told me that rocks or something were bring thrown earlier that morning hitting the roof of our outbuilding and it felt creepy outside like he was being watched.


Sasquatch Sighting #5


On the 20th of October, at about 9:30 pm, I took dog out. He kept holding his nose high in the air and sniffing and would not potty. He then started shaking. I got hit with a horrible smell. It was really rank, like old garbage. I did not have the best flashlight, just a headlamp. I looked where he was looking and saw nothing (no eye shine, etc.) I turned my attention back to the dog who then went under the porch. He came back out from under the porch and did the same high nose, sniffing action. I heard a noise near where my car is parked. My dog shot passed me up the ramp to the porch, I quickly followed as he was still shaking. I looked back and saw a large “creature” rushing at me. It was only a second or so. But when I looked back, I saw it come at me, then dart between my car and our outbuilding.


November / December


When all of this first started, I began a e-diary of the events as they occurred. However, now the grunt, knocks, rocks, whoops, and everything are so consistent, usually daily, that I stopped writing down all the dates.


In early December, my husband and I heard a screaming sound that sounded like a female screaming. While we both agree it could have been a fox, it did not sound like any fox vocalizations that either of us have heard, nor any we were able to find during our research. Nor did it sound like a bobcat.


The scream sounded like a scream that turning into a whistling sound, although “whistling” is not the best word for it, but as the scream descended in volume, it was like a “yow” sound, similar to the way the Yahoo is reported to sound, although this was more like a ah – yow with a growling, whistling sound. I literally cannot do the sound justice in trying to put it in words.


I just hope we now don’t have a cattywampus too.

6-21-19 rock stack.jpg
6-21-19 camping trip - tree twisted
6-21-19 footprint.jpg
6-21-19 footprint 2.jpg
6-21-19 camping trip - tree twisted - Co
6-21-19 camping trip - tree bent.jpg

Squatch Footprint - Rush, KY

We were visiting with friends and decided to go foraging for wild plants. We didn't expect to see a Squatch print. But there it was, along with several others. The strides were about 6 feet apart and we counted at least a dozen prints. Our friend had just recently moved into the home and has heard walking in the woods, felt like something was watching them, heard tree knocks, and on one occasion had a large piece of bamboo (river cane) was thrown at them and another person, although they did not see who threw the stalk. 

Squatch print and cast photos (you can see hair in several of the cast prints)

5-19-19 squatch footprint possibly 6.jpg
5-19-19 squatch footprint possibly 4.jpg
5-19-19 squatch cast (possibly) (20).jpg
5-19-19 squatch cast (possibly) (5) - to
5-19-19 squatch cast (possibly) (6) - to
5-19-19 squatch cast (possibly) (18) - h

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