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Avalon New Age Shop is the Tri-State's premier metaphysical shoppe. 

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Avalon received the "Best of Ashland" award from the U.S. Commerce Association in 2011.


We started our business in 2006 on-line through auction sellers. Over the years, we have delivered quality items and superior customer service to our clients.


In 2010, we had the opportunity to open a brick and mortar store. And we are so very glad we did! We love spending time with our customers, many of whom have become friends. 


We love to teach and share our knowledge and also learn from you.


Next time you are in the Ashland area, come in and sit on the comfy couch (although be warned most people fall asleep - must be something about the peaceful energy in the shop -lol).

We carry crystals, herbs, incense, candles, books, gifts, jewelry, custom knives, custom organic beard oils, and much more!


We want folks to feel like family. For we are all brothers and sisters; children of the Great Lord & Lady.






The Rise of the Shdaows

THE RISE OF THE SHADOWS – Book 1 of the Fey Chronicles


Kelly Hunt Collins


In the beginning of time, the worlds of light and darkness were separated by a great void and did not concern themselves with the happenings of the other world.  During this time, the Children of the Darkness were greedy and malicious.  They soon began to destroy themselves from within.  The Children of Light became complacent, ignored their pursuit of knowledge and soon forgot the gods thinking themselves gods instead.  The Gods saw this and were displeased.  In their disgust for how the worlds had evolved, they realized that light and darkness are an intricate balance both needing the other to survive and grow.  They created a middle world; Earth.  The Children of Darkness and the Children of Light have since fought for control of this middle realm.  There have been those throughout time who have tried to hold the balance in sway in order to protect creation itself.  


Now, two modern day wizards find themselves in an extraordinary adventure that will change their lives forever.  When Ian and Helen Kelly are befriended by two small Faeries and a cat named Theo, their lives take a turn which neither of them expected.  As they transcend worlds into the Fey Realm and learn of otherworld beings, such as their friend Sabot a great dragon, they learn they are to become great Masters and protectors of the Earth Realm to fight against the growing darkness.  Joined by the Brindi-Shamir, the elite Fey warriors, they embark on a journey which is both spiritual and magickal that will both reveal their destinies and put them in grave peril.  They find strength they did not know they possessed and learn the magick of the Fey folk and of the Elves which starts them on a path of no return. 


In this first book of three, there is a prophecy of two half-humans who could physically transcend between the Earth and the Fey Realms.  Master Scorra, of the Fey Council, believes he has found them in Ian and Helen.  Three Fey, Solas, Kerrik and Marco work with Master Scorra and the Lady Marrakhet, his wife, to teach Helen and Ian about magick and warrior prowess.  Through their teaching Ian and Helen find themselves growing strong in great magick.  While Ian and Helen learn to fight for and defend the Fey Realm, the attacks from the shadows intensifies on the Earth Realm. 



A fantasy novel by Kelly Hunt Collins about two modern day mages who are part of an ancient prophecy to save the Faerie Realm.  An ultimate battle between good and evil.


Available at www.amazon.com; search.barnesandnoble.com and



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