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Over our decade + years, we have delivered quality items and superior customer service to our customers. We love to teach and share our knowledge and also learn from you.

Next time you are in the Ashland area, come in for a visit. We want folks to feel like family. For we are all brothers and sisters; children of the Great Lord & Lady. Blessings!

We apologize for so many items being "out of stock". Due to the pandemic, our suppliers do not always have things in stock. Thanks for your understanding!

Blackoak Forge - Custom Knives & Axes

From the earliest days in America, frontiersmen forged their way through the forests and across mountains. Their tools, many times, were all that stood between life and death. James Collins lives in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. He is descended from the same line of rugged mountain men as Daniel Boone, Jim Bowie and Davey Crockett. Growing up, he worked with his father making long rifles, hand-carving stocks, and working in their forge. James has studied for years on making his items historically accurate, from the days of longhunters to ancient times with Viking and Celtic blades. James' knives and hawks are forged in the same tradition as blacksmiths from ages past. He starts with the best steel for heavy duty, long lasting quality. Each billet hand-hammered with precision. The finish process is also completed by hand from grinding the blade to the beautiful and intricate file-work and etching. James handcrafts scabbards and hawk covers from plain utilitarian to beautiful hand-tooled Celtic and Norse styles. James' work is for both use today and is the type of artistic quality that will be a heritage item to pass down through your family.

See more of James' work here.

Cannot ship to MA or CA

By Odin's Beard Co. Beard Products

Beard products, oils and balms, for manly men. We use only the best ingredients and manly fragrances.

We may show items as "out of stock" but never worry, we can create the scent you want. Just give us a call!

Blade by Blackoak Forge (not included (it's my wife's) - but I can make you one just like it!! Contact us for prices on our knives and axes.)

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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